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Fine Care manufactures high quality micropipettes and accessories for
use in Clinical, Research and Industrial Laboratories under the brand
name "ACCUMAX".

Fine Care is ISO 9001-2000 certified by TUV-Germany.All the Fine Care products are CE certified.Today Fine Care is a proud exporter to more than 85 countries. Fine Care is O.E.M. for more than 18 majors Pipette brands.


Single Channel Pipettes
Accumax VA Series Pipettes
Accumax FA Series Pipettes
Accumax A -TRULY AUTOCLAVABLE Pipettes - AVA Series
Accumax A - TRULY AUTOCLAVABLE Pipettes- AFA Series
Accumax PRO Multichannel pipettes
Accumax PRO - Smart Grip Research Pipette - VAP Series
Accumax PRO - Smart Grip Research Pipette - FAP Series
Accumax Pipette Controller
Accumax Junior Pipette
Accumax Pro Pipette Stand

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