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Steve Zieverink is an artist, filmmaker and musician working in Chicago, IL. He received a BFA in painting at the Art Academy of Cincinnati and MFA in Studio Arts at The University of IL, Chicago. In 2000, he founded the Unit 2 Collective, a non-profit organization that supports artists who collaborate and organize community projects and exhibitions, and he also continues to curate, exhibit, and bring together artists in diverse communities.
He has been awarded several Ohio Arts Council Fellowships, Cincinnati Project Grants, and commissions at The Contemporary Arts Center, The Weston Art Gallery, The Hyde Park Art Center and The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and also was a recipient of the UIC Provost Award for Graduate Research to travel and film in Alaska.
His latest endeavor, The Hypha Film Project, is a resource and support network for independent filmmakers to utilize their skills and connections to give voice to the unheard - non-profits, peoples, social and environmental issues and etc. - to achieve a goal of community dialog and awareness, as well as tell the story to a larger audience.

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