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On January 11, 2001 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, writer director Michael Ryan Lawrence created a company to develop and produce short film scripts for local actors. Armed with one mini-dv camera, a mac power book and half dozen short film scripts, Philly Philms was born. Today, Philly Philms has emerged as a bi-coastal digital media production company while maintaining both an independent and creative approach to storytelling and the visual image.

Along with deep roots in both narrative and documentary film making, Philly Philms has also developed and produced music videos, commercials and athlete highlight reels. With bases in both Philadelphia and Los Angeles, Philly Philms has also had international productions stretch as far as Europe, Asia and South America.

We hope our admiration for great film making, an insatiable curiosity about cinema, and the desire to take challenges with both fuel and inspire us as we continue to create.


Michael Ryan Lawrence

President Philly Philms

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