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Los Angeles, California

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Jeff Freeman is an actor, director, and drama coach. He has taught all ages in the US and Australia. Training at New York University, and with major theatrical talent such as Anne Bogart, Jerzy Grotowski, and Molly Smith, has given him a skill set that works on both an intellectual level, and as a visceral reaction to the work. The name of the game is authenticity.
With over 20 years experience as a director and teacher, Jeff has created a variety of theatrical pieces from a Poe-inspired haunted house, to site specific theatre in the woods of Alaska.

Along with your headshot, the showreel is the most powerful way to communicate who you are, and what you bring to the table. This brief introduction to you as an actor must be a glimpse into your perspective.
Jeff Freeman creates showreels that not only present an actor’s marketable range of characters, but reveal the unique colors of emotion each individual paints on the screen.

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