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There is one word to sum up Kim Ann Foxman when she is behind the turntables...classic. Having started her career in dance music in the mid-90's performing in various electronic music acts. She essentially grew up on the sounds of English ex-pats the Wicked Crew (some of whom transformed into disco sensation Rub-N-Tug), Los Angeles legend Doc Marten and the many Chicago house djs that came through San Francisco during the period. These heavy hitters provided an education that she carried through and still does when finding music. Moving to New York she became involved in Hercules and Love Affair, touring with them for 3 years, appearing on two Hercules albums and various singles. Pushing forward, she dropped her debut Ep Creature/ What You Need in 2010, featuring remixes by James Curd and Faze Action. In 2011 she collaborated with Kink &Neville Watson on a track called A Saturday In Nov released on Your House is Hour Rush. She has also done remixes for artists such as Max Essa, X-press 2, The Opiates, and more. Kim Ann Foxman is now concentrating on her solo works, and side projects while appearing on various albums from prominent artists that will be released this year. By this time she has DJ'd alongside many of her heroes and has been headlining clubs around the globe from Brazil to Japan. Booking her means three things: the party will be deep, classic, and go off!


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