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Hugh Jidette has pledged to uphold the inalienable right of every citizen to life, liberty, and the pursuit of indebtedness.

His work on behalf of over spending and under taxation has earned him countless awards and accolades from many banking institutions, as well as America’s key international competitors.

Hugh is a registered independent. He will build on the work both parties have done to increase the national debt.

He has learned – some would say the easy way – what racking up enormous amounts of debt can do. And he wants to bring that knowledge and experience to keep America on its current path of continuing massive federal borrowing well into the future.

The Early Years: All Credit Due

Though Hugh Jidette never intended to pursue a career in politics, it was clear from the very beginning that he was going places, and always on someone else’s tab.

He will always remember his first experience borrowing. It was at the local library in his home town. He was astonished that you could own a book just by signing a little card.

From there, he began to learn about the freedom that debt can bring. At ten years old, he borrowed from one of his classmates to start a lemonade stand. He decided instead to go to his local candy shop, and he enjoyed lemonades at the counter for a week.

He often wonders where that friendly classmate is today.

As far as school is concerned, Hugh’s not that big on investing in education. (It’s hard to know exactly what you’re getting and the benefits don’t come until the future.) But when he finished high school he knew the only way he could get a big student loan was to go to college. So he attended a small expensive college and scored a big financial aid package.

He earned a degree in Accounting, with a concentration in long-term liabilities. He also minored in economics – his favorite course was “Finance and Capital Markets in the Stone Age.”

His college thesis was “A Criticism of Thomas Jefferson”. Hugh remembers the day in history class when he read that Jefferson once said, “There does not exist an engine so corruptive … and so demoralizing … as a public debt.” Immediately, he knew that he wanted to spend his senior year exposing and condemning such a misdirected founding father.

A Career in Debt

Jidette spent the early days of his career working in various banking institutions, focused on lending to low net worth clients.

In the 1990s, after rising to senior leadership positions in the subprime mortgage business, Hugh Jidette published his best-selling memoir, Put It On Their Tab. “The fundamentals of leadership in business, in government, in the home,” he wrote, “are as easy as ABC. Always Be Charging.”
Hugh received the Lifetime Leadership Award from the National Association for Debt Advancement (“NADA”).

Today, as a professor of debt economics, Hugh Jidette teaches his students that the greatest periods of growth have come in times of the greatest indebtedness. His favorite period in American history was World War II, when America’s debt level reached its peak of 122% of GDP.

But his career in public service got its spark when he took a trip to New York. There he saw it. That indelible symbol of liberty: The National Debt Clock. It was the first time that Hugh had seen so many digits on an obligation, and at that moment he realized the place he could achieve his dream: in the federal government.
Hugh Jidette for President

Today, Hugh Jidette is running for president after a successful draft movement to get him into the race, and an even more successful overdraft movement to fund his campaign. On the campaign trail, Hugh Jidette reminds his audiences, “A penny borrowed is a penny spent.”

Medical note: Hugh went through a small bout with depression in the late 1990’s. At that time, the Federal government under the Clinton administration had started running annual surpluses and paying down the national debt. He has been depression-free since 2001, and has been in great health while the nation has added $8 trillion in debt in the last 10 years.

(Hugh Jidette isn't real, but our national debt is. Visit for more information.)

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