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Let's harness the massive reach of the internet with the power of music and storytelling to help awaken humanity. I can think of nothing else I'd rather be doing on this beautiful blue-green planet... Sink or Swim? (SOS), a music-video about rising oceans, is this dream made reality. A long labor of love, I wrote SOS three years before Katrina pummeled New Orleans and a decade before Superstorm Sandy brought a punishing wake-up call to the Eastern Seaboard. Now the debate is --or at least, should be-- over. The science is in: Human activity is dangerously warming the planet. Confronting and stopping further climate disruption will be a test of our technology, creativity and humanity. The enemy is both insidious (the fossil fuel industry is terribly rich and entrenched) and diffuse-- after all, as Americans, we live in one of the top CO2 emitting countries in the world, second only to China. A growing consensus of scientists say we have only a few years in which to course-correct, averting more cataclysmic affects of global warming. The time is now to turn the tides on our precious planet Earth. EnviroSiren is here to help seduce that sea change (and she was the only singer I could afford not to pay;-). SOS is just the beginning...more PSAs for the planet to come!

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  1. LOVE THIS hoping to launch a Green Songs 4 a Blue Planet song-writing contest in 2015 (click on "Green Songs" on capecool.org) if I can find some appropriate contest sponsor (Rolling Stone? John Lennon Songwriting Contest? ??)