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Balkis Productions is a corpus of some of Yona Friedman's short drawing-movies, made and produced by him and Jean-Baptiste Decavèle. These movies are avaible for free without charge.
The Balkis who created this production, was also known under as Balkis Berger-Dobermann. In 2004, she wrote (with Yona Friedman) : "Vous avez un chien : c'est lui qui vous a choisi(e)", Editions de l'éclat. (You have a dog : she/he is the one who choose you). These movies, -that she started the production for-, are based on Yona Friedman's drawing and writing lines of thought about elements of life.
In case of any public screening of one of these movies : inform us, download, burn a dvd, and mention :
"Title", Yona Friedman, Copyright : Balkis Productions, Yona Friedman and Jean-Baptiste Decavèle, 2010.


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