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BlisterZine by NastyNasty© - digital prints made in Italy

It is a collection of original little format photographic works on specific topics of our land: Romagna, where we live.
There are pictures about “garibaldini” (Garibaldi's Fans) who try to have revivals of the real fights which happened near the big Salt-Marsh around our city 150 years ago, there are local skaters, training in the scruffy but energetic suburban skate parks, or the whiplash players, named Stciucarèn, who exist just here.
These monographs are made instinctively, they derive from a strong demand to prove and document “slices of reality” as a reportage of the daily life.
The name of this fanzine is from its packaging which is a transparent envelope, suitable for rare comics of the past.
Any issues is released with a small gadget which is a cover also, without a visible title and completely monochromatic.

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