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The RME Skåne (Riksföreningen för ME-patienter, lokalgrupp Skåne) is the local group i Scania of the Patients Association of ME/CFS patients in Sweden. ME = Myalgic encephalomyelitis and CFS = Chronic fatigue syndrome are the most common names given to a multi-systemic disease defined by persistent fatigue unrelated to exertion and accompanied by the presence of other specific symptoms.
Severe and debilitating fatigue, painful muscles and joints, disordered sleep, gastric disturbances, poor memory and concentration are commonplace. There is currently no accepted cure and no universally effective treatment, research is rare. Other names are: e.g. Chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome, Post-viral fatigue syndrome, and Epidemic neuromyasthenia.
All types of people at all ages are affected. In some the effects may be minimal but in a large number, lives are changed drastically: in the young, schooling and higher education can be severely disrupted; in the working population, employment becomes impossible for many. For all, social life and family life become restricted and in some cases severely strained. People may be housebound or confined to bed for months or years.
(Sources: The ME association, Great Britain; English Wikipedia)
RME Skåne wants to share the lectures arranged by RME Skåne and spread information about this disastrous illness.
Warm greetings from RME Skåne

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