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Holly Hey is an independent filmmaker and an experimental weaver of media who strives to provoke active relationships between her cinematic art and the diverse audiences that it reaches. Her work, influenced by post-modern and queer theory, experimental, personal, structural, and feminist film, employs a wide range of practice including: single channel work that is projected within film festivals, micro-cinemas, and on public broadcast stations, mixed-media and installation art that is shown within galleries, and live performance and multimedia integration within Performance Art, theatre and music. Each practice is a unique opportunity to intersect or to undermine conventional methods for telling stories via the moving image.

Holly holds a MFA in filmmaking from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a BFA in photography from Ohio University. Her documentary Rat Stories is distributed by The National Education Telecommunications Association(NETA) and has broadcast on a number of PBS affiliates around the country. Her other films and videos have shown at the Autumn Lights -Los Angeles, the Mix Festival -New York, the Onion City Film Festival -Chicago, the Denver International Film Festival, the Athens International Film and Video festival, the Vancouver Queer Film and Video Festival, among other national and international venues.


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