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Jefferson Fox writes with deep insight about the dilemmas, disappointments and delights that inform the human condition. Listeners find in his music an awareness and understanding of those moments in life that find us with our defenses down or leave us confused.
A child in a military family, Jefferson’s frequent moves exposed him to a variety of musical influences, which he eagerly absorbed and from which he would draw as he developed his unique musical style.
In the late 1980’s, Jefferson replaced his acoustic guitar – a gift to him at the age of 5 – with his first electric. A move to Georgia and exposure to the music scene in Savanna encouraged the rocker in Jefferson. He began performing with Don’t Mind Me, Exit and Lunar Halo, playing mostly covers but featuring some of his original work.
Jefferson’s desire to focus on original music resulted in the release of his first solo project, “Buried”, a dark self reflective album, in 1992. Jefferson’s original compositions were the driving force behind his new band, Drench, which toured throughout the Midwest and along the East Coast. Drench released “This” and “Wahoo” in 1995. Two years later, Jefferson formed All that Matters and continued his extensive touring. With the birth of his first child, Jefferson toured less frequently, preferring instead to write more and eventually return to his acoustic roots. The result of this new focus was the release of “Homecoming” (2005), “Wait for Words” (2007) and most recently “Animule” (2008), an eclectic collection produced by Eric Weaver (Maroon 5, Ziggy Marley, Afghan Whigs, Mark Lanagan, etc.) featuring an “all star” cast of musicians. The selections on Animule provide a compelling capsulization of Jefferson’s musical career. One will hear hints of an indie rocker with the soul of a balladeer in genre defying songs, all of which vividly portray what it is to be human.

For booking inquiries, contact: Jefferson Fox at or just scream really loud. I'm always listening.

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