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Many people who have heard of David Yow know him as the lead singer of seminal ʻ80s punk band, Scratch Acid. Even more know him as the notoriously unhinged madman lyricist for Chicago noise-rockers, the Jesus Lizard. What these people donʼt know about Yow is that his acting prowess is in the same league as his onstage wanton charisma. He has shown that he can embrace a variety of different roles and attack them with whatever amount of ferocity is needed. As a sicko, he’s a natural. As a dorky stiff, he’s convincing. As a murderer, he’s terrifying.

In the last several years, Yow has been repeatedly sought out by directors to appear in their films. Recent co-star credits include the executive produced by Adam McKay “Fully Loaded”, directed by Shira Piven; and “Alʼs Beef” starring Jordan Ladd and Dean Stockwell. The requests keep coming and this is an exciting time for David. The best is yet to come.


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