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  1. Interesting that the record keeper wears an analog watch and sets an alarm on it. No smart phone. Stuck in the past? Trying to hold on to the past? Out of touch with trends? Interesting ....
  2. Cheers!
  3. ok I will try that a little later today. Thanks for your responses :-) I have to work now. Boss glaring at me :-)
  4. Ian I just tried the "old vimeo code" and that doesn't work either. The QT just doesn't play all the way to the end. Weird :-) However if I just play the movie in a QT player it plays fine all the way to the end. So QT on QT works fine but in vimeo…
  5. Hi, can you try bringing the full quality video file into the free editing software, Handbrake ( and then compressing according to this Vimeo specific compression tutorial ( Let us know if that helps.
  6. Ian I used The Foundry's Nuke and also tried eyeon's Digital Fusion to encode the QT's with. I used the high setting with codec H.264. Both those videos are still uploaded on vimeo if you want to check them out. They are titled "Man walks in front…