Barry Flewitt

Clayton le Woods Lancs

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I Was born in the London Hospital Whitechapel. in 1948
I have pretty broad taste in music and movies.
I started in film photography in the 1970s. In, I think 2000. I bought my first and only DV tape camcorder. A Panasonic NV-DX 110. Soon after I joined a local movie makers club, of which I am still a member. I have now bought a Canon 7d. Lenses; Sigma 70-300. Sigma 18-50 F2.8 and a Samyang 85 1.4 These are OK lenses but I have a limited budget. The kind of movies I make now, tend to be subjects I see when on holiday or local events or attractions. I have joined a local camera club to improve my camera skills which I hope will cross over into video
I write scripts, short stories and songs. The songs I write. tend to be for use in video and are of the comedy genre.
I edit using an i mac and Final cut pro.


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