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I work around the world shooting motion and still pictures. My aspiration is to learn something new every day. I crave knowledge, experiences, and adventure; I'm a mountain biker, backpacker, rock climber, advanced dry-suit scuba diver, sailor, snow-boarder, wood-worker, machinist/metalworker, circuit builder, gadget maker, and cinema enthusiast. I have MSHA and PAL certifications, along with IATSE membership (Chicago Local 476), and extensive experience with temporary power, foreign languages, extreme heights, working and driving in harsh and/or deadly conditions (extreme temperatures, intense weather, social and/or polical instability), and wilderness survival.

I bring every bit of my life experience to work with me, from working in kitchens, to welding steel girders, there is no experience in my life that isn't applicable. I *literally* want to be the most interesting man in the world; and use my combined experiences and knowledge to encourage fellow humans and to make the world a little bit better before I'm gone.

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