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Emanuele Vitaletti is a Multi-Experienced Water-Man and an Extreme-Sport professional instructor. His Licenses, like his experience came from the most indicate places around the world for each single task:

-Usa, Canary Islands, Central and South America for Surfing
-Europe, USA, Mexico and More for SkyDiving, BASE Jump and the apply of aerodynamic
-Mediterranean Sea for Sailing
-Red Sea and East-Africa for Scuba Diving
-Corsica Island, Middle Europe and Central America for Cayaking, Hydro-Speed, White Water Raft and Canyoning
-Europe, USA, Africa, for Kite Surfing and the study of the Wing Profile.

Emanuele Vitaletti (known as "Lele" since his born), collaborated on developing shapes of surfboards, kiteboards, and kite profiles with various brands on the market such as: ADVANCE KITES, MYSTIC, RED'Z SURFBOARDS, RRD, BEAN BOARDS FACTORY, HERMOSA SURF CONCEPTS, He is now the Founder and President of the Sport Association "La Caletta Kite School", his goal is to instruct any single person on How To be completely independent on KiteSurfing expression.

To reach this we use the best equipment on the market and the best instructors around (all our staff is approved by C.O.N.I. the Italian National Olympic Comitèe). Doing this we keep the highest standard of safety and the best results with the lowest risk for the student AT EACH LEVEL. We can teach you from the "understanding of the conditions" to the ultimate trick passing through all the level of kitesurfing (navigation in/out, going upwind, basic jumps, transitions, jibes, rotations, unhooked tricks, various handlepasses, wave riding) and all our courses ends up with a Diploma or a Level License. At La Caletta Kite School we "fine tune" your wings, because any kite has his own way to fly, and we keep learning it from the recent studies on aerodynamic.

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