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In 1999, when I was exactly 6 years old my father forced me to watch STAR WARS Episode I The Phantom Menace with him. It is actually the first time I remember going to the cinema. I did not want to see it since I thought this those kind of exploding stuff was dumb. Watching that movie changed my entire life forever. I came from the cinema as a different kid. I wanted to be a Jedi Knight, use the Force and travel across the whole universe. I remember that I could not fall asleep that night. I knew that becoming a Jedi was not possible but I also realized that I could trick myself by making similar films. I could live in that world of special effects! And since then it’s been my dream to become a film director.

My father was trilled by that decision and he showed me all the previous STAR WARS movies and also other sci-fi films (because that was the place I wanted to be around). I thought that George Lucas is a god. While I was getting older I realized that George Lucas was not exactly the best director in the world   and I started discovering Steven Spielberg’s films. I had already seen movies such as Hook, Indiana Jones and E.T. but what changed my opinion was the film that was supposed to be directed by the great Stanley Kubrick but he died and was replaced by Mr Spielberg - A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Since then he has been my favourite director of all time. I’m expecting his films with unbelievable excitement and he has not disappointed me for 10 years.

Do you know what is the best thing I can think of after a long day of studying and working? Going home, sitting on a sofa and watching a movie. And for two hours forget about my life and be somewhere else, in different words, with different people, experiences their adventures and their problems. That is the greatest kind of relaxation I can think of. It is probably some kind of an escape for me. Disappearing from my ordinary life (come on, we can’t even travel to different galaxies and do not have special powers) is the thing I am seeking. And I like it. Plus it is what I want to do in the future. I want to make people forget about their lives for a few hours and take them on a journey with me. A journey made up from my imagination.

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