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DigItSignal is

Peter Thörn (Sweden) - saxophone, flute, nyckelharpa, piano and 'found' sounds
Jim Goodin (USA) - violin, fretted/fretless guitars, oud, wood flute, loops
Ray Istorico (USA) - electronic drums
Jeff Duke (USA) - guitar, oud, electronics, loops
Steve Moyes (England) - guitar, cello, xaphoon, computer processing

Genre - Improvisational live looping JaZzNoIsExPerIMentAl edgy music

DigItSignals' Peter Thörn, Jim Goodin, Ray Istorico, Steve Moyes and Jeff Duke as a collective have never met in person. They found each other electronically through the Internet music communities Loopers-Delight and Unfretted Unplugged. Bringing together an interest in improvisation, modern musical art and technology the 5 logon from their respective locales in Sweden, Florida and NY to a NinJam ninjam.com server and perform their improvisational music in real time streamed live to the internet along with public domain films for visual content.