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Benjamin Art a.k.a Beno Blanko, the most renowned Armenian entrepreneur, is the man who does it all! At the age of three, Beno began playing percussion and from that point on he began teaching himself to play almost every instrument he could get his hands on. This thirst to learn new things and the drive to know it all in the entertainment industry led him to be involved in every aspect of the field. He is now a director, music producer, actor, choreographer, and a comedian among other talents. As he notes: “God game me many talents, I’m just using them.”

At the age of eleven, Beno performed at his school auditorium impersonating the late Michael Jackson. The precision, rhythm, and depth of emotion resonating from his performances was instantly recognized by many who witnessed him perform live. As Beno grew older, he began discovering more and more talents. Realizing his comedic talents, he vowed to exercise them to make people smile. This drive to please audiences and offer something new to the world empowered him to learn all that he could in the entertainment industry. He taught himself to produce, edit, direct, and design. He learned how to be in front of the camera at the same time developing an interest behind the lens. Beno has persevered through it all and is now a very well known, and highly admired, celebrity in the Armenian industry worldwide. He has performed in over 100 plays, shows, T.V programs and at world renowned venues such as Kodak Theatre, Gibson amphitheatre, Wilshire Ebell, Alex Theatre, and Nokia Theatre.

Beno burst onto the music production scene in 2004 with three years of prior production experience. Beno’s exceptional talent, personality, expertise, and work ethics has enabled him to produce, manage, and collaborate on a variety of projects, with a number of upcoming and established R & B and Hip-Hop artists. Beno finished the production of a single, featuring Katt Williams (Money Mike) Snoop Dogg, Armenchik, and LIL Wayne called “Mind Right” from the album "It’s Pimpin, Pimpin." Beno has worked on numerous other records featuring Snoop Dogg, Paul Wall, Sugar Free, Mike Jones, Lyfe Jennings, Da Brat, Lady of Rage, Nokturnal, Lil John to name a few. Moreover, Beno has appeared side-by-side with Grammy winning artist Macy Gray on Lifetime’s “Karaoke Superstars,” earning the title as a “legendary Hollywood producer.” His talents, credits and accomplishments have been and still are recognized by many artists and fans around the world.

Beno has a remarkable talent for being fresh and current while remaining true to his unique style and taste. His numerous endeavors and great projects has earned him praise from thousands of fans, critics, colleagues and peers. Audiences are drawn to Beno’s unique character, his warm personality, his desire to make people smile, and his love to entertain. Countless other artists and peers have voiced Beno’s direct influence on their careers. Beno is an inspirational artist who sets his own incomparable standards and successfully accomplishes that which most believe to be impossible. Beno is well on his way to stardom and there is no denying what he has and will contribute to the world of entertainment. This man does it all and does it well.