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Founded in 2008, Dusthouse is an award winning British film production company creating unique work for the international theatre and performing arts industries. Our distinctive visual style has evolved through a shared passion for live performance, film, sound design and music.

Dusthouse have been at the forefront of a new development within the world of theatre marketing. The 'theatre trailer' is a hugely powerful tool, raising the profile of a production whilst contributing greatly to increased ticket sales. Through contemporary marketing aimed at younger demographics Dusthouse are helping introduce new audiences to the wonderful world of live theatre, dance, circus and opera.

Dusthouse's projects are creatively driven. We work closely with both marketing teams and production creatives to ensure that both the shows essence and branding are captured equally. Our international group of directors share a common background, a passion for both live performance and the art of film making. Our mission is to seamlessly blend the two art forms without compromising either.

This is clearly reflected in Dusthouse's creative attitude and approach to each and every project.

Beyond theatre trailers we are also specialists in cinema deliverables, viral films, feature length documentaries, live capture, EPK's and video blogs. Over the years, Dusthouse has enjoyed creating work for national and international companies including Royal Shakespeare Company, Young Vic, Royal Opera House, Shakespeare's Globe, Soho Theatre, Royal Court and Hammersmith Lyric.

At the centre of our collective is Dusthouse's London Bridge studio, a permanent team of producers and creatives committed to bridging the gap between theatre and film. We also have a regular network of specialist freelancers that are engaged depending on the nature of each project.

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