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  1. Sai Ram Ted and Jody, Thank you Sai Ram, ramesh
  2. Sai Ram Ted and Jody, Thanks for the videos. There is a typo in the web site you have mentioned above. It is not but, Sai Ram, ramesh
  3. Sai Ram, Thank you for this video; Also, please watch a short video at the following link. It is less than 65 seconds. You will love it. Om Sai Ram, ramesh
  4. Sai Ram, Thanks a lot for this video. Om Sai Ram,
  5. Om Sri Sai Ram, sorry for bothering. you can watch sri Raja Reddy videos at you tube. Part one is shown below: Sorry, and thank you, Om Sai Ram, ramesh
  6. Sai ram Ted and Jody, Thank you for the video. Sai Ram, ramesh
  7. Sai Ram Ted and Jody, Thanks a lot for posting this video. Sai Ram, ramesh
  8. Sai Ram to Ted, Jody, brothers and sisters, Thanks for this wonderful video. I would like to share a wonderful talk of a Swamiji's student at the following link: Thank you, Sai Ram, ramesh