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Born in the small midwestern town of Valparaiso Indiana, Aron was raised on a steady diet of jazz and classic rock. Influenced by the grunge era and the wide open spaces of rural America he found himself picking up the guitar at age 13. The electric bass followed shortly after that. Aron played guitar and bass in various bands growing up in high school. Notably as guitarist and songwriter for a project know as 2012, which also featured Christian Fillippo of Harlots. A move to Phoenix, AZ in late 2000 marked the end of 2012. Orosz returned to bass duties filling out the early 32 Leaves 4 piece lineup in early 2001. In his spare time he writes and produces electronic music. Evidence of this can be found in the 32 leaves tracks, such as the closing track to the bands 2005 debut full length Welcome To The Fall. Aron runs realitypointmedia.com were he makes most of his music available for free.

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  1. Nice work fellas. The soundtrack sounds great!