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From its inception, Humanity’s Team was organized as a global grassroots spiritual movement, not as a program, activity or initiative.

Movements respond to massive problems that have far-reaching consequences, touching many lives.

Two famous 20th century movements — Mahatma Gandhi’s Indian Independence Movement and Martin Luther King Jr.’s U.S. Civil Rights Movement — transformed nations. They transformed nations through a complete adherence to the movements’ truths under every circumstance and by helping other people see those truths, thereby changing hearts and minds, which changed behaviors.

Similarly, Humanity’s Team supporters hold onto a truth — the eternal truth that We Are All One — and seek to make this truth evident through our lives lived, thereby helping others see this truth demonstrated, changing hearts and minds, which change behaviors.

Humanity’s Team was founded in 2003 to address suffering and other issues stemming from the prevailing belief that we are separate from God, from each other and from all of life, and the companion belief in an authoritarian or malevolent God.

Many people, particularly in the West, are brought up to believe we are limited in most ways, have one life to live, and are separate from God, or Universe, as well as each other. Those who believe in God often see God as angry and judging or even killing under certain circumstances.

Most people are asleep to their true identity — to their Oneness with God, with each other and with all life. And their behaviors reflect this. Just look around the world, with its wars, terrorism, hunger and other painful conditions!

We in Humanity’s Team see these conditions as largely a result of our beliefs about God and about life. But all this can change.

It can change when we become aware of the truth that We Are All One and then live our lives as demonstrations of this truth, rather than in denial of it.

This is why our movement has been dubbed “a Civil Rights Movement for the Soul.”

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