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Josia Loos, restless cosmopolitan was born in Mainz, Germany but never lived there. While his surrounding always kept changing, there were only a few things he always kept holding on to. Josia was hearing music and playing instruments all childhood long. He started with electronic music and DJing in age of 17 years, discovered the Frankfurt/Main clubbing scene and finally chose Berlin to be his home. Over the years Josia developed a music style which he his self calls a “dirty grooving House- bastard, charged with manic emotional releases”.
First together with Peter Blass as “monkeybusiness” and later on his own, Josia played his colourful excessive sound at numerous clubs and festivals all over Germany and abroad. As producer and remixer Josia combines dirty dark electro bass lines and holy house sounds with a base of minimal techno beats. He had releases on his own Label Chamaeleon Records, Muenchen Recordings and LaserLaser/Rough Trade.
Josia is co-founder and resident DJ of the famous Ufer WG party series, which started as flat share party and became so big it had to be outsourced to an external location after only one year. The party series is known for its excessive colourful music and style.

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