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  1. Agenda Gotsch
  2. Phil Crowder
  3. Except Integrated Sustainability
  4. Rural Water Supply Network
  5. Caio Ferraz
  6. Swings For Dreams
  7. Biomatrix Water Solutions
  8. Estúdio Varanda
  9. Urban-Think Tank
  10. BAYCAT
  11. KPFF Portland
  12. Arquitetura Verde
  13. Cultura Permanente
  14. Atelier Dreiseitl
  15. Portland SustainabilityInstitute
  16. IPESA Socioambiental

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  1. Would be lovely to be able to download. It's impossible to watch it online over my terrible rural internet connection. Pls let us know if it becomes available for download, congrats anyway!
  2. Gui Castagna subscribed to RWSN Webinars