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DV Studios is a visual effects & video editing studio. We have a lot of pro software and hardware as well as green and blue screen studios.


*Camera| Sony HDR-SR12, Canon T2i, Canon GL2

*Adapters| Not yet, just lenses/filters

*Frame Rate | 29.97 or 24 fps

*HD? | Yes, 1080p

*Budget | varies, usually about $150ish

*NLE | Premiere, Lightworks & Vegas Pro

*Special Effects | FX Home Vision Lab, Hitfilm Ultimate & After Effects CS4

*Color Correction | Photoshop CS3 & Vegas Pro

*Photos | Photokey4 Pro, Photoshop CS3

*Did you go to film school? | Self taught

*Do you appear in your videos? | Sometimes

*Who are your actors? | Friends

*Tripod | Yup, and track dolly/ jib

*Computers? | 5 windows based systems

My Baby: Core i5 @4.10Ghz, 8GB DDR3 RAM @1600MHz, 6.5 TB, Windows 7 Ultimate, nVidia 460GTX, 2X 22inch HD monitors

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