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  1. mmm, too bad you didn't cover the Kenko filter :( I was kinda wondering about that one: especially after their claim to have the sharpest most accurate filter
  2. взаимно, надеюсь не в последний раз :)
  3. I've been trying to decide for a while which lenses I'd want to invest in once I save enough, specifically between RPP and Illumina S35. This test showed that RPP @ 18mm has way more vignette than 18mm Illumina S35. Illumina S35 has less breathing…
  4. Seems that RPP @ 18mm and 25mm vignette a bit @ 5K FF, does it? could you check if it does? I know that Illumina S35 @ 18mm does too, but not so much in this test, not as much as RPP... Thanks Ryan, this is invaluable... Thanks all of you guys!
  5. cinema4k commented on Pouring shot 1
    no, it will be enabled in a later firmware build