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Motion graphics designer.
Been into computer art for about 15 years, loved every second of it.
Started off with Freehand, Paint Shop Pro and Painter before switching to Photoshop.
I came to 3D a few years later with a cover mount disc version of Truespace, and that got me hooked.
Over a number of years i dabbled in many packages (Rhino,Strata,Blender,Max,Maya,Lightwave and Houdini), but always found Cinema 4D to be the most fun.
Realflow, Zbrush, Vue and Terragen are my other tools of choice, with the Adobe suite topping off the cake.

I think the best part about working in this creative industry is the constant change.With new technologies pushing the boundries of what an artist can do within a tight deadline, there is always something new to learn.

The videos i show here are all non-commercial projects done for my own amusment or for friends. They are not fully developed end products, but i hope you enjoy them.
If something sparks an idea for you please let me know when the project is done, i'd love to see where it takes you.


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