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About the MOOD :
he new generation of contemporary jewellery

Building on his previous expérience Cédric Chevalley, a talented and inventiv creator, was able to bring the ring mood to life. This refined transformation of the modern jewel, which he markets under his own label "cbijoux", is at the same time realisation of a radical esthetics, carrier of individual imagination and an original means of expression.

Everything started with an idea that emerged between Lausanne and Paris during a very little exciting train journey. This simple but ground breakingly innovative idea captured Cédric’s attention immediately and he decided to realise it: create a ring with a very minimalist esthetic but countless possibilities to personalise it. Once the first sketches were scribbled as original prototype in his notebook the different stages quickly followed each other because this jewel in the making imposed itself with such obviousness that the project was only waiting to become real.

Certain answers to several technical constraints had still to be optimised. That has today been achieved and the ring comes to live under the name "mood".

At first sight, it represents a structure with clear and balanced characteristics. Its pure character is emphasised by a very modern play with the opposites between two materials, a peculiar meeting between the force of steel and the delicacy of glass.

And this is how "mood" protects its secret : through a skillful technical procedure, that allows to change the jewel endlessly. A simple movement and the central ring can be changed according to your moods and desires. Only one ring, but countless possibilities.

mood: distinctive signs


Intended for women as well as men in its basic version, the ring can however accomadate materials of different kinds or carry ornaments that give him a feminin or masculin touch.

About DIIRT :
We are two swiss designers, and we like to share through our creation our passion : kitesurfing,
we booth, Arlette and Cédric we enjoy plently of fun sports not only kitesurf although our bags are done mostly with kite recycled stuffs.
On our designs we take care on all what we do and how we do it, to help you to enjoy your life better.
Diirt creation are made from recycled sails, specially designed to carry the things you value the most.
Designed in Switzerland, made in Portugal.
Peace !

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