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Berlin, Germany

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Film is the creation of dreams and emotions. It should be a roller-coaster that throws you into the deepest places of pain and lift you into the sweetest emotions of happiness!

I try to work on a variety of projects with different styles in order to face new challenges and develop creatively as well as technically! I love the collaboration with the director and think both can profit from an intense working relationship!

Born in Stuttgart, Germany, I started to work as a Cinematographer and Gaffer in Germany during my studies at the Media University Stuttgart. Besides these projects I gained experience as a 1 Assistant Director, Director and Colorist, jobs that gave me the opportunity to learn about the different positions on a set and use this knowledge to become a better Cinematographer.
In 2012 I decided to move to Edinburgh and pursue my career in the Scottish film industry. It didn't take me long to get involved in various interesting productions as a Cinematographer and I started to support other productions as Gaffer and Colorist (Davinci Resolve).
Other jobs included the work as 1 Assistant Camera and Best-Boy.


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