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Welcome to Burning Oak Studios!

Are you in the market for the highest quality video production work with the most competitive pricing available? Call Burning Oak Studios today! Whether you are interested in a short video for your website, a commercial for television, or a full length motion picture, we are your one stop shop for the complete video process. With a production team of 10 talented professionals, we have specialists in all areas of production.

Are you unsure of exactly what you would like to create? Have a rough idea, but need it put together into a full production? We can help! From scripting, to storyboarding, casting & filming, to make up and location scouting, we are fully prepared to turn your vision into a reality.

Know exactly what you want? Have a specific project in mind? We can help! Paying careful attention to our clients needs, we follow any direction you might have regarding your project. Everything from updates on your project, samples for your review, to having you come in and direct yourself, you will be given control over your project to make sure it is just what you had in mind.

Most video production companies are extremely vague when it comes to production costs. This is not without reason, as video production complexities can vary. But we have worked hard to develop an itemized price listing of our services, to help give you some idea of pricing. Each project is unique, and we will be able to give you individualized quotes per project as well. If you find a better deal out there, give us a chance to beat it.

So how do we keep our pricing so good and our quality so high? Simply put, we do every aspect of production in house, which gives us maximum control over the production work and keeps our overhead low.

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