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We are self taught special effects artists, focusing on props, rather than pyro, or CGI.

In 2003, I opened my special effects company, Escape' Design Studios (EDS). Our talents are in sculpting, casting, and molding. We supply many film projects with an arsenal of varying blood formulas for different needs, as well as slimes, oozes, and other disgusting materials needed to pull off some of the most atrocious effects you can think of.

EDS also does costume work, and created all the medieval costumes we used in OISIN, and Malice. You can find Escape' Design Studios at;

Ritual Pictures is our production company, and now the parent company of several filmmaking organizations. Ritual Pictures is responsible for helping several independent films become a reality. Producing has become a large portion of what we do, putting together small and larger production teams for varying projects.

We love to help new filmmakers and artists where we can. We cater to independent budgets, and we have been known to do projects at cost, if we believe in the film, or if you have helped us in the past. In many cases, cutting a filmmakers costs for quality projects has earned us a percentage of ownership, or producer credits as well as special effects credit.

At any rate, we are willing to assist where we can.

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