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Veronica Mazzoleni a.k.a "VERONIKA MAZ"

Freelance VJ & Visuals Producer for Live Music Events

Audiovisual Artist

1990 / from Venice / based in Milan

Graduated in "New Technologies for the Art" at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan, in Novemebr 2013, Veronika acquired a 360° knowledge of new digital technologies from photography to video format, sound art and interactive design.

Interested in surrealism visual art, psycoanalysis, technology, and music, Veronika’s aim is to find a way to connect all these art formats. She produce a degree research about “music visualization”, trying to translate “music vibrations” into “visual emotions” connecting as she says “the invisible to the visible” and “maths to art” through emotions and thanks to digital technology.

Veronika starts her audiovisual experimentation with audiovisual installations productions. Most of her audiovisual works are based on elements such as “mental manipulation”, “Hypnosis”, “Glitch/noise sounds” as well as “dreamy sounds” inspired by "Freud Unconsciusness elements" such as lapsus, errors, dreams, melancholia feelings.

Since February 2014 she also started working as freelance VJ as "Veronika Maz - VisualMusicPerformer" around important clubs in Italy and in October 2014 she has been selected as partecipant of “ART VISION VJ BATTLE CONTEST” at "CIRCLE OF LIGHT MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL VIDEOMAPPING FESTIVAL.

Starting as photographer, Veronika Maz's career has been most of all characterized by her collaboration as visual artist/videomaker with bands, music festival, art projects, mixing minimal but immersive moving images with sound, in a unique syinestethic experience.

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