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  1. 59:36

    films by César Vayssié - FC

    by ByChé

    12 Videos

    www.cesarvayssie.com César Vayssié has been directing free, empirical cinema for several years, with movies devoid of any production constraints, the forms of which he permanently reassesses…

  2. 55:14

    César Vayssié

    by ByChé

    9 Videos

  3. 32:36

    UFE for Latcho

    by ByChé

    4 Videos

    répétitions du film UFE de César Vayssié image et montage de César Vayssié + dernier clip réalisé: Everything vanishes eventually / AVIA

  4. 30:25


    by ByChé

    4 Videos

  5. 37:14

    UNFILMEVENEMENT-training and research

    by ByChé

    9 Videos

    UFE UNFILMÉVÈNEMENT by César Vayssié. www.cesarvayssie.com Training and research / performance & film 2012-2014 with : Clara Chabalier, Constance Larrieu, Pauline…

  6. 33:57

    César Vayssié / films

    by ByChé

    7 Videos


  7. 35:11


    by ByChé

    5 Videos

    travail de recherche pour le film UNFILMÉVÈNEMENT de César Vayssié

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