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Like every creative person me too aims big and wide. However, our beginnings were modest, but in earnest. As most children are, the medium of visual media had an entertaining influence on my life too. The tedious tasks from scratch as a spot boy however helped me realize the hard work behind the kaleidoscope on celluloid. I understand that discipline and punctuality are extremely valued to stay ahead of the competition.

In the beginning, it took time for us to relate closely to the industry. Nevertheless, by God’s grace as always, once the sail was set high, the journey has become steady. At an early stage of high schooling, 17 precisely, my passion for media turned to obsession for creative perfection. Meanwhile, working behind the camera proved to be a quantum leap in earning the captain’s hat.

I believe that rather than desires, it is the divinity of an ambition that drives us forward in this industry. The greatest example was being my unexpected rendezvous with Mr. Prakash Varma & Mrs. Sneha Varma. At a time when I was pondering for a way to get into Nirvana Films, why else would I have been intimated by their associate for a location hunt It was a crucial stage in my life that catapulted my film making abilities. The association blossomed into territories I could only dream of, before meeting Mr. Varma. For the love and the cane he caressed me with, in diligence, I consider him as my Guru.

Then again, in an industry where creativity lurks around every nook and corner, there must be umpteen things to explore. Hence, our every move and motive is to continually learn and develop the ethics of film making so as to deliver client requirements to the ‘T’. To make a long story short, Y-Not Media Production, is on a journey to discover unique ways of storytelling beyond limitless dimensions.

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