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Nataša Teofilović is a media artist, whose recent work also includes digital ambiances. Through spatial disposition and animation, the works re-examine the perception of virtual characters and the boundaries between virtual and real spaces.

She won an honorary mention in the first Prix Ars Electronica Collide@CERN competition and Jury Recommended Work at 15th Japan Media Arts Festival, Tokyo, Japan, 2012. She has exhibited in Ars Electronica Festival (2007, Linz, Austria), Incheon International Digital Art Festival (2009, Korea), Shanghai eArts Festival (2007, China), DAT (2007, Singapore Science Centre), HTMlles 8 Festival, (2007, Montreal, Canada), "Conversation", (2001, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, Yugoslavia), "Out of Chaos - Media, Food, Industrial Products" (1996, Museum of Contemporary Art, Vienna, Austria).

Nataša Teofilović has an PhD and MA in Digital Art (Belgrade University of Arts, Interdisciplinary Studies) and holds a BA in Architecture from Belgrade University of Architecture. She lives in Pančevo, Vojvodina, Serbia.


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