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  1. YCAM InterLab

    YCAM InterLab Plus Yamaguchi, Japan


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    YCAM InterLab, a team of media art researchers and developers in the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (YCAM), provides technical support for the realization of installations and performing art pieces commissioned by YCAM. Along with research and practical attempts in implementing cutting-edge technology…

  2. interactivedesign.it

    interactivedesign.it Rome


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    Interactivedesign.it è il digital hub creato per esplorare e aggregare interesse verso i nuovi linguaggi comunicativi. Uno strumento in rete che raccoglie progetti, tools e piattaforme al confine tra arte e new media technology. “This Blog is Sharing the future”, dal 2008 condividiamo…

  3. Sophie Collard

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