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  1. Very nice. May you continue to reach new heights safely. BTW, did you hear the tragic news from Nanga Parbat? Apparently 10 climbers at base camp were attacked and murdered by Pakistani militants on June 22, 2013. I always thought climbers were safe…
  2. Two of my nephews are climbers - Joel and Neil Kauffman. One, Joel Kauffman, has guided climbers to the summit of Aconcagua. Check out their website - Planet Kauffman!!! Also, two of my boys have summitted Rainier, guided by Dave Hahn. Dave is a…
  3. Did you personally take the video clips for Jagged Globe? Was this your first attempt at summetting? I am so intrigued by the stories of Everest. I've read over 25 books on Everest.