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  1. Petrolicious

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    www.Petrolicious.com Petrolicious creates quality, original videos and articles for classic car enthusiasts. We celebrate the inventions, the personalities, and the aesthetics that ignite our collective lust for great machines. We are fans and fanatics, collectors and racers. We seek to inform, entertain,…

  2. William Brandon Bales

    William Brandon Bales Brooklyn, NY


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    Brandon here, I am a video editor and motion graphics designer for Rolling Stone. I shoot on a Canon 7d, t3i and two Go Pros. Post work is done in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC; I am also knowledgable with AVID and Final Cut. I am always open to ideas for doing video projects.…

  3. The Show Archive

    The Show Archive Indianapolis


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    Live. Music. Video.

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