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Kate graduated with honors from Loyola Marymount University with a BA in Film Production where she received the School of Film and Television Production Award, was honored as a Hollywood Foreign Press Association Fellow, and a Caucus Foundation nominee. Her first short, shot on 35mm, was recognized as a Silver Lion Nominee at Film Outside the Frame festival. She followed up on the film’s success by writing and directing two new shorts, which made the international festival circuit screening from Tokyo to the States. During this stint, she was recognized as a talented up and comer by The National Film Festival for Talented Youth. Kate also worked as a production designer where, in 2011, she designed the 3D horror comedy short, Hazelwood, which won DirecTV’s n3D Excellence Award. That same year, she received two of the four nominations for Best Production Design at Film Outside the Frame, winning for her work on The Mirror Motel. She continued her streak in 2012 by winning Best Production Design for Reclamation, which screened at ComicCon 2013. After working for leading entertainment companies such as Skydance Productions, Route One Films, and Circle of Confusion, Kate set out to form her own business; thus, KR Squared Productions was born. Through her production company, Kate expanded into commercial work, creating spots for national brand products such as Secret Deodorant and Expedia. In addition, KR Squared Productions produced Kate’s feature directorial debut in the film, Back to Awesome.

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