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Since 1999 Tobias Vethake is composing music for movies, commercials and tv-series, first at a studio in Hamburg (BOYD MUSIK) and later as a freelancer in Berlin. He composed music for movies like "MUX MÄUSCHEN STILL" (Ger // D: Marcus Mittermeyer) and "BYE BYE BERLUSCONI" " (Ger/Ital // D: Jan Stahlberg). As part of the PHIREFONES he scored the short film "WRECKER" (USA // D: Nadav Kurtz) and the movie "STREETTHIEF" (USA // D: Malik Bader)

In 2003 he founded BLANKRECORDS, a record-label for electronic and experimental music. He was and is part of several live-projects and groups such as VINCENT, BLAINBIETER, PUSHKIN BOOM BEAT, KAT FRANKIE, KIKI BOHEMIA. Apart from that he has his own solo-projects: SICKER MAN, GERMAN EXPERIMENTAL LOOP ORCHESTRA.

Since 2004 Tobias Vethake is also composing music for theatre. He is working at theatres like SCHAUSPIELHAUS HAMBURG, DEUTSCHES THEATER BERLIN, THEATER DRESDEN, etc.

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