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Chicago, Il

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My name is Eduardo Pizano Montiel Jr. I was born on the north side of Chicago in Albany Park in October 17, 1988. My father is mexican from Mexico city, and my mother is Irish American. I am the oldest of four brothers. Ever since I was little I always loved to draw, it was a passion not a hobby. I always tried to commit and push my self when ever I would draw, the more complex the better. I had one day decided that I would never trace over drawings and I never have. Even now I draw directly onto my wood panel or canvas, it is a good exercise that makes me more aware of what it is I am seeing and makes me pay attention to detail and color.
I've always been dedicated to art. I joined after school programs and summer programs. When I was 12 years old I started attending the "Marwen Foundation" I was there for 4 years. After that, I went on to "Lakeview High School" near Wrigleyville. I was placed in advanced classes for the arts and joined the "Kidstart Program" where we created murals outside of the school. My junior year of high school (2006) I was accepted to "Gallery 37: Center for the Visual and Performing Arts" in addition to AP Drawing and Painting Course. That same year I also joined the "After School Matters Program (ASM)" which was a program that was created by Maggie Daley. I Attended Gallery 37 for 2 years and in my second year which was my senior year of high school (2007) I recieved a scholarship to the "American Academy of Art". I also had won "All city Honors for Visual Arts", that same year I interned as a guest artist for the "Chicago Childrens Theatre" for a traveling Visual and Performance Art Group out of Amsterdam named "ISH". I was 18 years old at the time. I also did projects like the "Cool Globes Projects" that are in downtown Chicago, you can see mine in the lobby of the "John Hancock Building". I also worked on the "Banner Project" for the "Dalai Lama's" vist to Chicago in 2007. I am now going to graduate from the American Academy of Art with a "BFA in Fine Art specialization in Oil Painting" in May 2012.
Recently I joined "Chicago Public Arts Group (CPAG)" which is an arts group that has done over 800 murals and projects around Chicago most of which can be seen near CTA subways and bus stations. I am currently working on a project as an artist assistant at Greenview Elementary. I also teach at "Albany Park Neighborhood Center (APNC) as a Lead Artist . I instruct teenage youth from the community and students from "Roosevelt High School" we are creating to 3 murals around Albany Park. I plan on attending Northwestern University for my Masters degree and hope to become an instructor.

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