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Los Angeles

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I enjoy working with video and film, and have had excellent experiences working with installation, but at the end of the day I consider animation my main artistic focus. In my work with animation I hope to bring viewers the particular sense of delight that we experience so rarely after childhood that comes from seeing something we know to be inanimate come to life - the experience of magic. Especially with stop-motion animation (as opposed to neatly drawn cartoons) we can recognize the texture of clay or other materials we know to be lifeless, while at the same time completely believing in the life and spirit of the character said material makes up. Facilitating this surrendering of logic and showing you things that could only be possible in dreams, as animation has none of the limits of reality, I hope to inspire the belief that anything is possible. Perhaps this feeling will only last for the duration of my film, but maybe you will leave the theater just a bit more in touch with childlike openness to everyday magic, seeing possibility where before you did not.


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