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Denver, CO

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Sweat drips down your face. You've got 2 days and 1200 miles between you and your honey. With a shot of Kentucky Bourbon out of your grandfather's flask, you wipe your forearm across your sweaty brow and gaze upon the tracks before you. Wind in your face, black smoke erupts in front of you as you toss another load of coal into the fire.

Although Train Back Home is a newcomer to the Denver/Colorado music scene, the roots of their music spread throughout the United States. Being able to pull inspiration from their home states of Maryland, Kentucky, Colorado, and Texas, Train Back Home's engine is fed a steady stream of newgrass, rock, and jam.

Tony Fiore (vocals/guitar), pulled into Denver's Union Station in 2004. Fresh from leading his former Baltimore based jamband, Harbour, Tony crossed paths with his future TBH drummer Adam Ambrose while playing gigs with Adam's Lakewood, CO based jamband, Driftwood.

In 2005, bassist Ryan Garrett hitched his ride to Denver from his beloved home in Waddy, Kentucky and met up with Tony through mutual friends. Having been in both a bluegrass band (Blind Corn Liquor Pickers) and alt-country jam band (Quiet Storm All-Stars), Ryan, Adam, and Tony felt as if their paths had crossed before. Train Back Home was born.

Playing for two years as a trio, Train Back Home decided it needed more power to drive its distinctive brand of jam down the line. In the summer of 2007, keyboardist/vocalist Richard Zemcik rolled into town fresh from being one of the more prolific keyboardists in the Houston area. Playing in such tribute bands as "Us and Them", and the "Morrison Resurrection Experiment", Richard met up with the group by chance. Sitting in with the group without meeting the other guys, cemented Richard's spot in the band.

No matter what's happened in the past, there's always hope down the tracks. Train Back Home 's music will take you on a familiar journey with twists and turns around every bend.

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