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Cynthia Renee Frazier is a woman who has mastered the art of creative thinking. Her dynamic leadership and keen eye for business potential has made Cynthia a recognized authority on Women Business Owners. Using a unique blend of knowledge, capability and experience, Cynthia has helped thousands of business leaders start and grow companies. Cynthia is a 2008 winner of the National Association of Women Business Owners-Inland Empire Chapter Trailblazer Award.

Cynthia brings her years of hands on business development, fundraising skills, and marketing experience to help entrepreneurs who are destined to make big things happen in their life. Known for her ability to teach clients how to develop products and leverage technology to market and grow their company, Cynthia has a passion for serving small business owners as they increase their market share. Connect with Cynthia today and experience your business success breakthrough today!

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