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In this post-recession World entrepreneurship is the key to success. Biotech is the new IT. Yet we have a serious shortage of capable entrepreneurs in the life sciences sector. Those who devote a decade to studying genes, proteins, anatomy and molecular biology lack the skills to exploit the knowledge they create. And those who crunch numbers in banks and finance departments can hardly recognize an amino acid when they see one. This “postgrad” school is designed to bring together these professionals and roll them into small teams which will be able to launch a successful enterprise.
This course is postgraduate in the sense that students are already working as PhD students, postdocs or business fellows. International in the sense that the life science sector is global and so should be your team of teachers and students, too. And practical in the sense that each element of the course deals with real businesses, not textbooks and case studies. In the end, students will have the skills, contacts, knowledge and even a team to launch their own enterprise.

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