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iREBEL Pictures is a full service, audio visual production and creative agency, specializing in music videos, documentaries, web campaigns, commercials, motion graphics and 3-D animation.We utilize the the most ad- vanced audio/video production technology to produce the highest quality film, video and motion graphic produc- tions. In St.Vincent and the Grenadines we support your motion picture or stills project from the early stages with careful planning and detailed budgeting to scouting the best suitable and most cost effective locations

The ‘‘IREBEL’‘ brand promotes the development of the Creative arts industry in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.The fundamental philosophy behind the iREBEL is that creative expression must be used as a tool to heal the self and empower the society.

iREBEL is a family, brothers and sisters, united on a divine mission to market, document and preserve Caribbean culture .


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