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Yorgo Alexopoulos is a New York-based artist best known for his innovative use of new media and technology in the contemporary art and film industries. He is a graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he studied filmmaking and new media. His first solo exhibition was in 2001 at the Bronwyn Keenan Gallery in New York City. Since then he has exhibited throughout the United States and most recently at the Torrance Museum of Art in the fall of 2010. Since 2006 he has produced experiential video installations and content for the Guggenheim Museum including Rob Pruitt’s Art Awards in 2009 and 2010. His artistic approach is visibly informed by techniques fine-tuned early in his career as both a well-known graffiti artist during his youth in Los Angeles and as a visual effects artist and animator in the New York City motion graphics industry in the late 1990’s. During this period he worked on several highly acclaimed films as a visual effects supervisor including The Kid Stays in the Picture, The Trials of Darryl Hunt, Joan Rivers; A Piece of Work, and The Devil Came on Horseback. These films were official selections at the Sundance Film Festival. His computer-animated videos and digital artworks explore transcendental sensibilities and often blend Western and Eastern philosophical themes. Yorgo's work proposes and constantly reinvents a visual vocabulary influenced by astronomical images, religious iconography, scientific diagrams, and mythological symbolism.

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