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Have you ever listened to a song and knew you just had to get up and dance to it? Me too, so I did! And then I decided to tape them for you.

I've been in constant motion every since I was fist dubbed "Pinky" as a little girl. I'm pretty sure that twirling makes your heart expand and letting your body flow into the rhythm & beats of music ignites a firestorm of joy!

Here you will find videos of random moments in time that just had to be danced to. Most of the dances have a story behind them. Some were joyful, enthusiastic moments of life and some have allowed me to release any of the hurt and pain life can evoke. All have brought me immense amounts of joy. If nothing else, I hope they inspire you to dance your stories as well.

Dancefully yours,
Sabrina of Pinky's Pen

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